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Headfirst Falling

Headfirst Falling - Melissa Guinn * ARC granted in exchange for a honest review*

Generally I'm a glass half full kind of person. I always try to focus on the positive, see the silver lining in every situation etc... Well, I'm sad to say the only silver lining I can see from reading this book is that I wont ever waste my time reading anything more from this author.

The synopsis looked promising, the reality was a frustrating disappointment that was a struggle to get through.

The reasons I didn't like this book?

First of all, Charlie - our leading lady - is a complete pain in the ass. She is utterly spineless, she is self-centred, judgemental and very changeable. She drowns her problems with alcohol rather than just facing life and she is completely messed up, but not in a way that makes you wish someone would help and protect her... More like in a way you want to smack her - repeatedly - with a blunt object and scream at her to get her shit together.

Jackson is damaged from his service in Iraq but he is a nice enough character, if kinda boring.

I just don't get the relationship with Jackson and Charlie. They are supposed to care for each other deeply, passionately, but I just didn't see it. I didn't get what he saw in her at all... Plus the romance took forever to actually develop! Half way through the book and things are finally (!) moving forward only for her to dump him in a fit of (selfish) hurt feelings (selfish because even though he was an ass, he had his reasons and she just completely ignores what he's going through at the time).

There are too many Fifty Shades moments... Stupid, naive, flighty inexperienced pain in the ass and her rich boyfriend in the penthouse suite. Irresistible lip biting, blah blah. Honestly by this point stubbornness was the only thing keeping me reading.

Even the external dramas (friends boyfriend acting weird, father acting weird, creepy colleague) were predictable.

Best moment was the end.

I hate giving such an appalling review but I can't recommend this book at all.

1 out of 5 stars.