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Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4)

Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4) - Abbi Glines I was really looking forward to this book. Preston had been the character that interested me the most out of the group of friends this series focuses on and I'd liked Amanda since book 1.

Amanda is Marcus' little sister. She is in love with Marcus' best friend Preston.

Preston has a new woman every night in his personal life (total man-whore) and then you find out what his job is and you realise "man-whore" is actually a literal description. You meet his mother who is complete scum and your heart breaks for his 3 much younger siblings... Preston is not perfect by a long shot but your heart simply breaks for him, the choices he makes and the reasons he does what he does...

However, It doesn't excuse the fact he can sleep with someone and completely forget about it!!!

Oh, sorry, think it was a dream... Okay, he's devastated when he realises it wasn't a dream but it still doesn't make up for it.

Amanda is young and naive.

She wants Preston and she gets him just not the way she wants him... In all fairness I don't think anyone in her right mind would be happy with losing their virginity on a wooden box in a shed and then having the guy get off you and leave without a word... What I don't understand is how that experience didn’t turn her completely off him! So what he's beautiful? He isn’t even nice to her! Does she have no self-respect?

As the story goes on Preston changes and the relationship grows and you can accept it...

Amanda’s reaction to Preston’s "job" is understandable. Her taking him back once everything unfolds and his job changes to a normal one is also understandable... But the ending left me with no way to envision a happy future for them and that made me sad. It's totally unsatisfying and I don't like that the sacrifices Preston made for his siblings will forever make him tainted and unworthy in the eyes of Amanda's mother (possibly brother? Who knows as Marcus isn't privy to the scandal).

What I do like is how Preston’s friends rally for him in this book. I love how Rock and Trisha get the family they desire and those poor children will get a stable home and unconditional love not just from their big brother but from parents...

I really hope as this series progresses we get some more closure on this but - since the next book is Cage and Eva book 2 and the one after that is Jason Stone - I doubt it. So after looking forward to reading this, I was left disapointed.

2 out of 5 stars.