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A Warlord's Lady - Nicola E. Sheridan * Review copy granted in exchange for an honest review*

First thoughts on this book were that the cover was beautiful and the book blurb was exciting. I couldn't wait to get started reading!

The action begins almost from the get go in this book and there is plenty of action. You empathise with Sabra in that she is nothing more than a -apparently - powerless pawn in a very dangerous game. So many factions are after her and she can't trust anybody. She's confused, tired, lonely and she yearns for the man who held her captive for 6 months. She is a likable character but she has massive body hang-ups and self-esteem issues and at times she is incredibly whiny and it's annoying.

Cain Dath is made out to be a magical terrorist. An evil Warlord. You know that there has to be more to his story than this, and of course you are right! Cain Dath he is a good guy, fighting for good reasons and he genuinely cares for Sabra, whereas everyone else is just interested in what she is and what it could mean for them.

What disappointed me with this book was that Cain and Sabra are supposed to have an intense connection from their very first meeting, but I didn't feel it. Plus, this book is more action than romance and Cain and Sabra spend as much time apart in this book as they do together.

Another thing that was frustrating was that there are several plot threads just left flapping in the wind at the end of the novel.

Who was the doctor who tried to protect Sabra at the hospital? What kind of creature was he?

Are Cain and Sabra the people in the prophesy or not?

Does Cain continue the fight to free the magical community? Or now that he is pardoned does he lay down his arms?

Cain might have a pardon, but Sabra is still a person of interest to the magical mafia and various governments... Isn't she? Is she free now? Or still hunted?

To top it off some of the language (and turn of phrase) used by the author was a bit off putting for me. The amount of references to farting and losing control of bowels just seemed out of place in a romance novel.

Other word choices like "twat" when in reference to female genitalia... Well. It was unexpected but, in the situation it cropped up in, it was kinda funny drugged and heading for a doctors stir-ups. Regardless of the humour, I thought it was a bit out of place.

Overall? I quite liked it. I was a bit disappointed by the weak romance and loose threads but it was still well worth a read on a rainy, boring Friday afternoon

3 out of 5 stars