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In the Flesh - Sylvia Day, Livia Dare * ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

This book was previously released back in June 2009 under a Pseudonym of Sylvia Day's - Livia Dare. It's since been re-released in the US on the 24th September 2013 and in the UK on 24th October 2013.

If you are a regular reader of Sylvia Day you will know what to expect in terms of the sexual content of this book. Like all Sylvia Day books, In The Flesh is HOT! Incredibly sensual, explicit, evocative and utterly addictive.

It is set in a futuristic world in which sex for nothing more than pleasure seems to be a core belief of society.

Concubines are highly thought of and valued and undergo years of training before taking up their positions.

Both sexes can serve and throughout the course of their careers they can achieve great wealth and position in society.

What I struggled with in this world was the fact that rich, powerful men had a harem of women and their wives were basically expected to just deal with it.

The King of Sari is in love with his prized concubine Sapphire and refuses anyone elses bed but hers - including his poor wifes!

Sapphire doesn't reciprocate the Kings feelings, feels sorry for the Queen and basically craves more from her life. She is more than happy when the Queen of Sari - to cut a long story short - has her retired.

Retirement in the life of a concubine - at least a successful one like Sapphire - means wealth, independence - freedom.

Sapphire is a very strong woman. She is loyal to those she cares about and feels an instant affinity for Wulf which she doesn't want to feel on account of him being an enemy prince, thus making anything between them impossible without one - or both - of them losing everything.

Wulfric is commanding, ruthless, slightly arrogant, highly intelligent and sexy as hell!

He knows what he wants and he wants Sapphire.

He is conscious of the possible consequences of pursuing Sapphire but he sets about finding work-arounds so that he can have her.

He lets nothing stand in his way and is the driving force in everything that happens between them.

There is plenty of action to go along with the sex 'n' romance.

Lot's of nice twists and turns. Plenty of intrigue.

Overall it is a really enjoyable read.

My only complaint is that the ending leaves loose ends hanging and I'd expect another book to round them off but considering it was originally published years ago it doesn't look likely to happen... Or maybe the fact it has been republished under Sylvia Day means another book will be forthcoming? I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I'll be disappointed if there is not.

I guess to sum it up I'd say that it doesn't steal your soul the way the Crossfire books do but it is definitely on par with Day's regency works, so I definitely recommend!

4 out of 5 stars