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Dark Lycan (Carpathian) - Christine Feehan Loved this book! I was hooked from the very beginning and by half way through you wouldn't have been able to pry the book out my hands even if a truck hit me!

The relationship between Fen and Tatijana reminded me strongly of the relationship between Razvan and Ivory (who are one of my favourite Carpathian couples ever). Fen was totally accepting of his lifemate and never tried to dominate her and Tatijana was fiercely protective of Fen and very courageous, especially when you consider what her life was like before she was freed from the ice-caves.

This book focuses heavily on the Lycans and Lycan-Carpathian mixes, it explains a lot about the Lycan culture, beliefs and their lives and it was great to finally meet this previously elusive species…

This series just gets better and better! Honestly, I’m trying not to gibber on and on about it like a complete idiot! But…

There were plenty of updates (and involvement) from previous Carpathian couples, we got to properly meet Bronnie – Tatijana’s twin sister and I think it’s fairly obvious from this book who her lifemate is going to be, but I won’t say it here as I don’t want to spoil things for those who haven’t read it yet.

We also get to see a lot of Dimitri in this book and gain a deeper understanding as to his relationship with Skylar.

The cliff-hanger ending made me twitchy but then I remembered the next book – Dark Wolf – is out in January and therefore we don’t have too long to wait for that to be sorted out and I just know after reading the first chapter of Dark Wolf that Dimitri and Skylar’s book is going to knock the beejeezus out of me and leave me clamouring for the final book in this trilogy within the Dark Series.

The world of the Carpathians is changing and it makes me incredibly nervous… but I’m enjoying the ride regardless…

4 ½ out of 5 stars!

P.S. Chapter one of Dark Wolf was at the end of the UK Kindle edition of Dark Lycan.

I don’t know about other editions.

P.P.S. I just need to rant about one little thing that really annoys me about the newer Dark releases… The appendixes on the Carpathian language!! I’m sure some people find it interesting, but I would rather have the book end at 95-100% on the Kindle meter not at 85% with 10% of the file being that drivel… What do others think?