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Forever Innocent - Deanna Roy ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

When I read the synopsis of this book I new it wasn't going to be an easy read, I expected the story to be utterly heart wrenching and was hoping for a fantastic romance that would help soothe the characters pain and bring them happiness in their future.

I was right in that this wasn't an easy read and that the story was utterly heart-wrenching. There are a few chapters (near the end) that take the reader through from little Finn's birth to his death and I swear they ripped out my soul. I was a sobbing, semi-hysterical mess... The emotion of those chapters was breath-taking. Whether my emotions were heightened because I am a mother and I was projecting what I think I would've felt if I had been the one in Corabelle and Gavin's situation I don't know but I was so upset after reading them I had to put the ereader down and not go near it for a while to get a grip on myself.
Picking it up again to finish the story wasn't something I looked forward to doing because I didn't want to face that again... Which I guess is a victory for the author in that she powerfully conveyed a heartbreaking situation that no one should have to face but many do. A situation that people just don't understand - can't truly understand - unless they have been through it. I wanted to draw a line after those chapters, because my soul hurt but those who lose their children don't have the luxury of drawing a line and not going there again so I picked up the reader and finished the story...

The relationship/romance:
As I said, I was hoping for a fantastic romance that would help soothe the characters pain, lead to healing, and happiness... That wasn't what you got in the relationship between Corabelle and Gavin. They are both so unbelievably damaged. Truly broken. Their entire relationship and general behaviour made me want to smack them and tell them to get a grip. I couldn't believe some of the things they have done / do to themselves. Both should have received help after the death of their son, regardless of what happened to them as a couple, as individuals they should have sought help. As for them moving on as a couple, I guess they want to and are going to but I wasn't left convinced that they should...
It was incredibly frustrating. I understand that people do stupid things when they are grieving and the loss of a child must be the most powerful kind of grief but I just couldn't get my head around how they chose to live the last 4 years. Truly couldn't get it at all.

The book finishes in no where's land. Both Corabelle and Gavin's secrets are out in the open but that's pretty much where it ends. At the big revelation. I know there is going to be a second book and I will read it hoping that Gavin and Corabelle come out of it healed (or as healing as they can be). Together or apart but I have to say I'm not looking forward to it for I doubt the next book will be any easier than this one.

This book is classed as New Adult and I guess that's because of the characters ages and the fact they are in college. However, this isn't your usual New Adult. If you are looking for angsty romance and growing up dilemmas, look elsewhere.

If you are looking for a book that will shock you, make you think and re-evaluate opinions, then read this, just don't expect a satisfying conclusion at this point... I think we need the next book for that.

I have no idea what star rating to give this book... I was so frustrated with Corabelle and Gavin for most of it I want to give it 1 star but it was well written, it raises important issues, makes you feel, makes you think, basically it is most definitely worth reading so that would be a 4 or a 5 star rating from me... However, It wasn't an enjoyable book really to read... Argh!! I guess I'll spilt the difference and say...

3 out of 5 stars