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I am a twenty-something, happily married, mother of one who loves books. I love reading them. I love looking at them. I love their smell. Libraries and bookstores are my holy places... No I'm not being blasphemous. Books are my religion and if you don't like that then you're probably reading the wrong blog I love ebooks too. I love how my Kindle can hold thousands of books and wherever I go in the world they can come with me. I love how the emergence of ebooks has resulted in more books being published than ever before - for better or for worse My love of books is the reason for this blog. I want to share it with other people who love books, I'm opinionated and passionate and I want to share those opinions with you and see what you think, do you agree or disagree? I want to hear your opinions and your recommendations... Basically I want to share the book love! I will pretty much read anything that is a romance but I mainly read paranormal romance, urban fantasy, new adult, young adult, and erotica... Plus the odd book here and there that is not a romance of any description! So that's what to expect from this blog. If you like what you see, please follow!
Dead Sexy Dragon - Lolita Lopez This book was brought to my attention via netgalley. I'd never heard of this author before so I had no idea what to expect from this book, but the synopsis looked like it would be good, the cover was hot and since it is a short story (25,000 words) it wouldn't take too long to read and by the end I'd have a feel for the author and whether or not I'd want to read anything more by her.

After reading this I can say the author writes sexy well and this short story has me curious for more in this series but this story - Dead Sexy Dragon - was a bit of a hit/miss for me.

I liked the idea of paranormal romance focusing on Dragons rather than the usual vampires, werewolves and witches. I enjoyed the world set up and the sex was hot but the main characters - Stig and Cora - were a bit lacking for me.

Cora basically turns up on Stigs doorstep having got in trouble was the law (and some thugs) for making some truly stupid decisions and I just couldn't relate to anything about her and her personal story just didn't generate any feeling in me. She was supposed to be in horrible danger from very bad men but I didn't feel the peril, I didn't feel her years worth of longing for Stig... I just didn't get any feels.

It was the same with Stig. You don't really get any information about him beyond some dragon lore. We don't know anything about what he wants from his very long life, what he has had to endure, why he fights... Just not enough info to create any feeling.

I think the main issue is that it is a short story. It's 25,000 words. Around 100 pages long. There just isn't enough time to beef up the histories of characters, build a world, make you care about the characters, dislike their enemies and weave an exciting tale... A bit on an odd decision to launch a series when a full length novel would have perhaps been better?

Anyway, I'll read the next book in the series - Red Hot Dragon - due for release in October and I'll decide from there whether or not this series is one I want to follow or not. I'm certainly intrigued and hopeful.

3 out of 5 stars.