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I am a twenty-something, happily married, mother of one who loves books. I love reading them. I love looking at them. I love their smell. Libraries and bookstores are my holy places... No I'm not being blasphemous. Books are my religion and if you don't like that then you're probably reading the wrong blog I love ebooks too. I love how my Kindle can hold thousands of books and wherever I go in the world they can come with me. I love how the emergence of ebooks has resulted in more books being published than ever before - for better or for worse My love of books is the reason for this blog. I want to share it with other people who love books, I'm opinionated and passionate and I want to share those opinions with you and see what you think, do you agree or disagree? I want to hear your opinions and your recommendations... Basically I want to share the book love! I will pretty much read anything that is a romance but I mainly read paranormal romance, urban fantasy, new adult, young adult, and erotica... Plus the odd book here and there that is not a romance of any description! So that's what to expect from this blog. If you like what you see, please follow!
Gwynneth Ever After - Linda Poitevin * Review Copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for a honest review *

I believe this story is a self-published novel (although I could be wrong) and it is very well written. Unlike alot of self-pub's it is not full of spelling and grammatical errors and the story flows beautifully. The main characters are well developed and after the first couple of chapters you are utterly enchanted and absorbed into the life of Gwyn.

This is what I'd call a "grown up" romance.
Gwyn - our leading lady - is a 35 year old single mother of 3.
Gareth is a 42 year old Hollywood star.
They meet by chance at a theatre, in a small town somewhere in Canada, and the relationship develops from there.

The relationship between the two is very sweet and despite Gareth being a Hollywood superstar it is believable. It feels real. It's warm, homey, and generally very domestic but not at all boring.

I really liked and respected both Gwyn and Gareth and from the very beginning you are hoping they will get together and that they'll be happy... There are ups and downs but in the end you are not left disappointed.
The last two chapters of this book were a little bit daft. They read like the grand finale of a film were the cast gather for the big hurrah... But I read them with a huge grin on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling wrapped around me cause the book was awesome and the ending was simply perfect.
My only complaint? No epilogue. I really do love epilogues but you can't have everything :)

5 out of 5 stars