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Deeper - Blue Ashcroft ** Review contains some spoilers **

This book isn't a sexy read and it's not a funny read, it's really quite a serious read.

Both Knight and Rain are emotionally damaged from events in their pasts.

Knight blames himself for the fact his girlfriend killed herself after being raped one night at a party (which he had left early due to an argument with her). As a result he is incredibly overprotective and paranoid. He hasn't let himself get close to a girl (beyond the occasional hook-up) since but is drawn to Rain the minute he sees her. He is very sweet but we don't get to really know him. We find out about what damaged him and we know he is a lifeguard but nothing of his life outside of being a lifeguard and the tragic events of his late teens. I'd have liked to know more.

Rain is emotionally closed off from everyone. She vowed never to fall in love and to never have sex after the death of her "boyfriend" in a waterpark accident, that she was a part of but survived. Her vow was basically made to punish herself for surviving when her "boyfriend" did not. Why do I keep writing "boyfriend" instead of boyfriend? I'm doing it because they weren't actually a couple. They hadn't been dating. She only agreed to go out with him moments before the accident. I get the survivors guilt but I thought her vow was just utterly ridiculous and denying herself (and Knight) any kind of happiness because of it made the book incredibly frustrating at times. Rain also comes across as an incredibly boring person, but despite this you still kind of like her. As with Knight I wish we got to know a bit more about her... Her family, her past (outside the accident), her hopes for the future...

Almost all of this book is based in and the swimming pool and if it's not a swimming pool it's the ocean. It was an interesting setting, different to what I'd read about before but after a while I got annoyed with the constant pool and lifeguard talk and in the end wished the author had spent more of her word count on Knight and Rain and less on the pool.

One thing about this book that I REALLY didn't like was the rape theme. Rape and sexual violence is a major issue in the world today but the majority of people you meet are good people (or at least not bad people ready to attack anything in skirts at the slightest opportunity).

This book really did make almost every man seem like a sexual creeper or rapist. There are several sexual assault/ attempted rape like situations and a couple of actual sexual assaults. There is an incident at the pool with a paedophile. It was too much to be realistic and honestly, I didn't like how the women were always victims and, almost, all men sexual deviants when it's just not true in real-life.

Overall, I'd say this is a good first novel from a new indie writer.

I did like this book, it was enjoyable but I just couldn't like it as much as I wanted to.

I hope there is another Knight and Rain novel in the future. I'd definitely read it as I'd like to see how their relationship develops and to see them get a proper HEA with both their issues firmly in the past.

Recommended for New Adult fans.

3 out of 5 stars

Oh!! I'd also like to quickly say there is some bots in the book that really needed better proof reading. In one scene Rain tells a lifeguard - Dan - to get in the pool to demonstrate a technique and during the scene Dan becomes Nate.

In another scene Rain is checking PH levels with the real Nate but during that scene Nate is called Patrick...

Confusing and slightly irritating but not enough to lower my opinion or stop me reading it again in the future :-)