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Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella Quickie Review:

This has to have been the least enjoyable Sophie Kinsella book I have ever read.

The novel focuses on Lottie who splits with the love of her life at the start of the novel because he doesn’t want to marry her and before you know it within a month she is madly in love with someone else and has married her ex...

Her elder sister - Fliss - is a more likeable character than Lottie and has a nice romance brewing throughout the story which is far more intriguing than Lottie and her men but unfortunately this is overshadowed by the fact the Fliss is an interfering pain in the ass.

Basically I just wanted to slap Lottie, tell Fliss to butt out - in not very polite terms - and generally just didn't care what happened to Lottie or her men at all.

The only reason I class this book as ok instead of not liking it at all is because there were a few funny moments and the secondary story of Fliss and Lorcan.