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I am a twenty-something, happily married, mother of one who loves books. I love reading them. I love looking at them. I love their smell. Libraries and bookstores are my holy places... No I'm not being blasphemous. Books are my religion and if you don't like that then you're probably reading the wrong blog I love ebooks too. I love how my Kindle can hold thousands of books and wherever I go in the world they can come with me. I love how the emergence of ebooks has resulted in more books being published than ever before - for better or for worse My love of books is the reason for this blog. I want to share it with other people who love books, I'm opinionated and passionate and I want to share those opinions with you and see what you think, do you agree or disagree? I want to hear your opinions and your recommendations... Basically I want to share the book love! I will pretty much read anything that is a romance but I mainly read paranormal romance, urban fantasy, new adult, young adult, and erotica... Plus the odd book here and there that is not a romance of any description! So that's what to expect from this blog. If you like what you see, please follow!
The Baby Bargain - Jennifer Apodaca A Quickie Review:

Hunky ex-marine with commitment issues.
A former girlfriend with daddy and heartbreak issues.
Secret baby now toddler.
Random side plot involving a show dog...

It should've annoyed the crap out of me but it didn't. The characters were believable and they had their reasons for what they did/didn't do. Even if you didn't agree with them you at least understood why the did it and being written in the POV of the two main characters was great as you got both sides of the story not just one. You really were made to feel for the characters.

All in all I really liked this book. I couldn't put it down and ended up staying awake far longer than I should have, with work in the morning, to finish it.