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I am a twenty-something, happily married, mother of one who loves books. I love reading them. I love looking at them. I love their smell. Libraries and bookstores are my holy places... No I'm not being blasphemous. Books are my religion and if you don't like that then you're probably reading the wrong blog I love ebooks too. I love how my Kindle can hold thousands of books and wherever I go in the world they can come with me. I love how the emergence of ebooks has resulted in more books being published than ever before - for better or for worse My love of books is the reason for this blog. I want to share it with other people who love books, I'm opinionated and passionate and I want to share those opinions with you and see what you think, do you agree or disagree? I want to hear your opinions and your recommendations... Basically I want to share the book love! I will pretty much read anything that is a romance but I mainly read paranormal romance, urban fantasy, new adult, young adult, and erotica... Plus the odd book here and there that is not a romance of any description! So that's what to expect from this blog. If you like what you see, please follow!
Count Me In - This book is a "Quickie" from Ellora's Cave which means it has a word count of app. 10,000 words. As a result it doesn't take long to read and is perfect to fit into a train journey or a lunch break (I completed the entire thing in my one hour lunch break).

I've been reading EC lines for a while and I've found the novellas and novels to be good but generally the quickies are lacking in that they are all about the sex. Great for some titillation, not so great if you actually want some substance.

This book provided both great sex and emotional attachment. In such a small about of time it has you caring about both Rick and Chelsea. It makes you want to cry at the fact this beautiful young woman is losing her life before she has truly had a chance to live it (a complete bucket list not withstanding). It makes you angry that the future you could see her having with Ricky is lost before it is found. It makes you want to applaud this young woman's bravery and makes you desperately crave a happy ever after for Ricky with someone further down the line.

Ricky is the drummer of the band Jericho and as I understand it, Jesse the front man of Jericho is our main guy in Starstruck, Paige Thomas' other offering (to date) with Ellora's Cave, and that is why I purchased both Count Me In and Starstruck together and why I'm gonna pick up my Kindle and start reading Starstruck without delay.

Count me in was well written and addictive and, in my opinion, you can't ask for much more than that in a book!